Healthy Endeavors

The Get Healthy & Stay Healthy

 Weight Loss and Management Book

Most “diet” books give you very specific, eat this, don’t eat that, day-to-day, meal-to-meal instruction. You have probably tried a few of those diets. If they worked for you, you wouldn’t be interested in this book. But, likely, you found the same results as I did when going down that road. You would lose some, give up on that method, and go back to your usual way of eating and regular habits. Then the weight would come back, and sometimes you would gain a couple of extra pounds to “reward” yourself for your efforts.

Inspired by my twenty-five-year nursing career and personal experience with a significant weight loss journey, I want to provide guidance that is s both practical and backed by scientific support to the many people out there struggling with weight loss as I did. In the Get Healthy & Stay Healthy Method, you will not start a diet. We will change your mindset regarding food, eating, and your attitude toward what is considered “good food” and what is considered “bad food.” This Method looks at you, your life, your environment, and your preferences holistically. Weight management is not just about what, how much, and when you eat. There is so much more to it than that. The Get Healthy & Stay Healthy Method will require some work on your part. I will share my personal story, and examples of what worked and did not work for me. There will be tasks at various points in your journey that will help you be successful. Be prepared to do some soul searching, digging deep, and the realization that you may be shallow, prideful, or can live your ideal life. You can do this. I will show you the way, and if you need some support, I am right here. Just an email or DM away.