Take Control - Don't Let Your Hunger Control You

Don’t give power or control over your life to someone or something else.

Letting diet plans, diet systems, exercise gurus, public opinion, hunger cues, desire to eat, or anything else rule your life takes your power away.

If you feel out of control, then TAKE CONTROL. You have the power. Exercise that power.

In the Stay Healthy Method, you are in control, deciding what is best for you.

You determine the pace of your weight loss.

You choose how to proceed.

Being in the driver’s seat may mean you need to educate yourself on some things. I did. I will share what I have learned as it may speed up this process for you.

I have shared some of my weight loss story in “An Unhealthy Weight can Kill just as Easily as Alcohol” and “What No One Tells You About Permanent Weight Loss.” In that article, I also talk about the first step in permanent weight loss. In the article, “Secret first step to lasting weight loss,” I review the first step and continue with steps two and three.

Taking control is the fourth step in the Get Healthy Method of sustainable, life-long weight loss and maintenance.

I know it works; I lost 90 pounds over 15 years ago and have maintained that loss. Now I love sharing how I did it and how I managed to live a happy, enjoyable life that includes eating my favorite foods. If you want to know more, follow me on Instagram @healthyendeavors.co. Even better, reach out for a free consultation.

There is so much information on dieting, nutrition, and weight loss that you could get lost in the details for years. Don’t let the need to know everything stand in your way.

I will give you the necessary information you need to know to get started. As you progress, you will likely want to research some things yourself. Just as there are many sources of dieting information, there are just as many “gurus.”

Make sure you do your research, only follow the advice of those who know and are not just regurgitating information they found on the internet. Your health is essential; food is medicine. Make sure you are investing well in your body and your future.

You do not have to do this alone but must be in charge. You are accountable for your changes, success, and setbacks when you are in control. No one is to blame here for when you started or why you didn’t start sooner. Now is a perfect time. After that, it is only up to you on the length of time it takes.

There is no perfect pace of weight loss. Do what works for you and your situation. You do not have to lose weight quickly. Slow is better, allowing your body to adjust gradually to its new smaller size. This pace helps to manage your hunger cues when you go slow — there is no need to be in a hurry.

The outcome of your efforts belongs to you alone. There is no judge or perfect score. The reward for all the hard work is the betterment of your health, improved energy, and a body that will run more smoothly for the long haul.

It is simply a journey.

Every journey has ups and downs, successes, and learning points. You should expect these. There will be days when you are doing great, losing weight, and feeling fantastic.

There will be days when you are in diet mode without missteps, and the scale still isn’t moving.

Sometimes you think you are doing what you need, and then with some research or a second opinion, you find out that things don’t work exactly how you thought, and you have not been doing yourself any favors.

All of that is OK. It is expected; it is going to happen. Every person is unique, so not everything will work the same for each person.

The point is to find what works for you. A method you can live with and be happy with.

There is no need to seek perfection; it is a journey of progress.

You are the only judge, and you define success.

Once you take ownership of your decision and direction, you will likely stay on your chosen path. You can do this; I believe in you. I am here to help; you only need to reach out.