Oh My, I Am Starting to Regain Weight!

After all the hard work of losing weight, the last thing you want to do is gain it back.

What do you do if your weight starts to creep up?

You know exactly what to do; you have already done it to get the weight off.

You revert to weight loss mode.

Don't hesitate to take action.

**This is the most critical part of maintenance.**

I have discussed some aspects of weight loss in my series of articles chronicling my weight loss journey. Starting with "An Unhealthy Weight can Kill just as Easily as Alcohol" and "What No One Tells You About Permanent Weight Loss." 

In the article, "Secret first step to lasting weight loss," I review the first step and continue with steps two and three. Taking control is the fourth step in the Get Healthy Method of sustainable, life-long weight loss and maintenance.

It is also important not to think of weight gain as a failure. It is just part of the process of maintaining your new weight. Making these adjustments is what people do. People who are consistent in their weight take action immediately if they do not fit into their clothes. They regroup.

Reverting to weight loss mode when above your weight parameters is your new normal. It is like a micro yo-yo-ing of your diet.

You make a choice daily with every meal, snack, and bite. Is this food choice helping you get where you want to go? Is this bite worth the calories?

Consider how many miles you will have to walk or run; how many minutes or hours of yoga, weightlifting, or cardio do you have to do to work this off and get back on track?

How many days of dieting down to the calorie deficit are needed? Is it worth it? Sometimes it is, and sometimes it is not. Sometimes you have the room in your range to indulge, and other times you do not, and you need to restrict or be strict with your food choices and volume.

These methods and choices stay with you from now on.

Again, every bite is a choice.