Keeping the Weight Off!

Weight Maintenance Tips Vol. 1

Over the years, I have learned some things to make it easier to maintain weight and still have fun. I would like to share what I have discovered in a series of blogs.

I have watched the way healthy-looking people eat since I started my weight loss journey and have continued to observe their methods ever since. I wanted to do what they do to Stay Healthy.

These are the tips and tricks of weight maintenance that healthy-looking people do but no one tells you about or thinks to share. Because these folks have always been healthy, they do these things all the time. They don’t think of them as tactics. It is just what they do.

I will share with you what I have learned from them and which ones implemented for myself.

When you are in weight loss mode, there are things you do differently so you can decrease your size. I often prepare my food at home. I am thoughtful about the food I have in my house. I am strategic about how I shop for food, what I purchase, what I have readily available for snacks, and when cravings arise. I surround myself with food items that keep me on the path to my goals.

In weight loss mode I routinely do meal prep, cook, and make lunches. I don’t give myself any excuses to stray from the path to good health.

Guess what? This is what healthy people do most of the time. So, none of these things change while you are in maintenance, especially if you want to Stay Healthy. You will continue to be diligent on all these points.

Healthy people do not have junk food in their houses. They are specific about when and how they indulge. They don’t just randomly eat processed food while watching TV. Indulgences are to be enjoyed. They are usually done out of the house, with friends. Such as a trip to the ice cream shop and the ice cream is eaten there.

Most usually cook their food at home eighty percent of the time. When they do go out, they limit their portions or choose the “healthiest option” on the menu.

They have healthy snacks on hand or don’t snack at all. They are conscientious of how many calories they consume on a regular basis and if snacking is helpful or harmful to their goals. Even if they don’t strictly count calories, they are conscientious of the volume and calorie density of foods.

To Stay Healthy, you do what healthy people do.