What is Your Body Telling You About Your Weight?

Listen to your body, it knows what you need. Instead of acting on what you want.

What is your body telling you?

I don't usually eat breakfast. I know. "It's the most important meal of the day." But is it really? Who is telling us that, and what research is it based on? I am not hungry when I wake up, so I don't eat until I am actually hungry. I am done doing things that I am "supposed to do" just because that is what is expected of me. Read more

Beating the Holiday Bulge

A helpful technique to deal with high-calorie holiday festivities and stay on track with your weight goals.

The holiday season can be difficult for those looking to reduce in size or prevent holiday weight gain. Let's not forget the holidays are an emotional time. The emotions may not always be joyful, and we may be tempted to eat our feelings.

Read more

Keeping the Weight Off!

Weight Maintenance Tips Vol. 1

Over the years, I have learned some things to make it easier to maintain weight and still have fun. I would like to share what I have discovered in a series of blogs.

I have watched the way healthy-looking people eat since I started my weight loss journey and have continued to observe their methods ever since. I wanted to do what they do to Stay Healthy.

These are the tips and tricks of weight maintenance that healthy-looking people do but no one tells you about or thinks to share. Because these folks have always been healthy, they do these things all the time. They don't think of them as tactics. It is just what they do.


Using Your Intuition to Lose Weight

Does your body already know what to do? Are you listening?

In this series of articles, I will show you how to design your plan for weight loss success. As you evaluate the tips and pathways described, these will help you develop a plan that will work for you today, tomorrow, and in the foreseeable future.

If you adjust in ways you can live from this point forward, you will be more successful.


Take Control — Don’t Let Your Hunger Control You

Don’t give power or control over your life to someone or something else.

Letting diet plans, diet systems, exercise gurus, public opinion, hunger cues, desire to eat, or anything else rule your life takes your power away.

If you feel out of control, then TAKE CONTROL. You have the power. Exercise that power.

In the Stay Healthy Method, you are in control, deciding what is best for you.

You determine the pace of your weight loss.

You choose how to proceed.


Oh My, I Am Starting to Regain Weight!

After all the hard work of losing weight, the last thing you want to do is gain it back.

What do you do if your weight starts to creep up?

You know exactly what to do; you have already done it to get the weight off.

You revert to weight loss mode.

Don't hesitate to take action.

**This is the most critical part of maintenance.**


Secret First Step to Lasting Weight Loss

Chronicles of my Weight Struggles Vol 3.

The Simple Truth No One is Willing to Tell You.

First things first, you need to change if you want to see something change. I know it sounds simple, but so many times, people want to keep doing what they have been doing, which got them where they are today, somehow expecting a different result.

Take a good look at where you are in your health and weight management journey.

Is this where you want to be?


Delicate Balance — Weight Loss & Weight Gain

The Question is, How do You Maintain Your Desired Weight?

In past articles, I have discussed how to get to your desired weight. In my last article on weight maintenance, I discussed the needed mindset for maintaining your new physique. Now that you have decided to Stay Healthy, the next thing to choose, when there is too much and not enough weight.

Where exactly is the balance for you and your specific situation?

Where are you comfortable?


What No One Tells You About Permanent Weight Loss

Chronicles of My Weight Struggles Vol. 2

There was a time when I was much larger than I am today, the biggest I have ever been. I am not proud to say it, but my Body Mass Index was around 40. In medical terms, that is in the “extremely or morbid obese” category. The only higher classification is “super obese,” with a BMI of 45 and up.(1)

I was not in a great place mentally. For various personal reasons, I was struggling with depression. Food was the way that I tried to make myself feel better. In the articles “Addictive Foods” and “Hormones are Making Me Overeat!”, I discussed how eating certain foods triggers the brain to release the “feel good” hormones and how that perpetuates a cycle of overeating resulting in weight gain.


Now that You Lost Weight, How to Keep It Off?

Are you struggling to keep from regaining your newly lost pounds?

It is a beautiful day! Congratulations on your goal weight achievement, and success well deserved. It was a hard road; you worked for every step of this journey. Every ounce, every pound was hard-won.

You believed in yourself to get you here, to your grand achievement! You should reward yourself and celebrate your success. I reward myself with vacation time, buying new clothes, shoes, or even new jewelry. Whatever you think will mark the event for you.


Is Variety the Spice of Life or the Secret Ingredient to Overeating?

Weight Loss is a David and Goliath Situation.

If you struggle with managing your weight, dieting, and long for a healthy lifestyle, then you are not alone. Most of us are in a similar situation, and we are all looking for ways to curb the habits that contribute to unhealthy behaviors.

In past articles, I discuss many reasons we struggle in modern times because of our environment. I reviewed the hormonal influences that keep us in the cycle of hunger and overeating. I have also scrutinized sugar and salt, their effects on our hormones, their addictive nature, and how we build a tolerance to higher and higher levels.


What is the Cost of an Unhealthy Weight?

Losing Weight Helps with More than Just Your Looks.

We live in the land of plenty. We are so fortunate to have almost any food item we want within our grasp. Because of this plentiful bounty, we also have a dilemma of excess.

This dilemma shows itself in many forms. One example is carrying too much weight, which is at an all-time high. I have discussed my weight loss journey, where I lost 90 pounds 15 years ago. Unfortunately, back then, I gave in to the lure of excess. I let it go too far.

The World Health Organization defines obesity as an accumulation of body fat that risks one’s health.(1)


What is THIN?

Thoughts | Habits | Intuition | Nutrition

The word “thin” can mean many things to many people. It can mean anything you would like it to mean for you.

The term “thin” is the weight at which you feel energetic, lean, and healthy. A weight where you can be reasonably active without feeling out of breath or overly tired.

The weight where your blood work is reasonable for your age and medical conditions when you go for your annual wellness exam. You look good in the mirror, and when you feel you have the clothing choices you want. That is thin.


An Unhealthy Weight can Kill just as Easily as Alcohol

Chronicles of My Weight Struggles

Many years ago, a friend of mine shared with me a secret. She was struggling with alcoholism.

After work, this friend and I had a routine to visit a Tex-Mex restaurant to decompress regularly. We would go to this local mom-and-pop restaurant where they had the most delicious cheese-filled enchiladas, pork tamales covered in decadent sauce, refried beans, and Mexican rice.

During our many conversations over a large serving of comfort food, it never once occurred to me that she had a problem with controlling or moderating alcohol


Addictive Foods

Your Weight Loss Struggles are Real

Sugar, salt, and a large variety of favors are addictive. Sugar stimulates your brain to release serotonin, which is one hormone that affects happiness and your mood.(1,2) Salt triggers the brain to release dopamine, the hormone that allows you to feel pleasure and gratification.(3)

Both hormones make you feel good. Everyone wants to feel good.

The negative side is that you build a tolerance to how much sugar or salt will cause the hormone release, so you need more and more over time.(3)


Hormones are Making Me Overeat!

How our hormones affect weight loss.

A significant influence on your ability to gain or lose weight is hormonal. How our hormones behave is not readily noticeable for us to recognize but has a considerable impact.

As I discussed in my article, Battling to Lose Weight, when you are losing weight, your body makes more ghrelin. The hormone ghrelin is the one that makes you feel hungry. If you make more ghrelin, you will think you are hungry, have cravings, and want to eat.


Why is Dieting So Hard?

How often have you been on a diet, and someone wants you to try something you know you shouldn’t eat while trying to reduce your size?

“Oh, it is just a bite. Live a little. You can diet tomorrow.”

Our modern-day environment makes it extremely difficult. Once you have lost it, keeping it off is even more difficult. Like most, if you are reading this article, you have experienced losing weight on a diet and gained it back, plus some.


Battling to Lose Weight?

It may seem like an uphill battle to lose weight and keep it off. At, I will show you how to lose it for good.

Like you, I, too, have grappled with my weight. I lost 90 pounds. Just because I have maintained a “normal” BMI since 2007 doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. It is a daily challenge.

I have battled obesity and weight loss.